Meet the Author
Kevin Parrett
Who is Kevin Parrett?

I have been married since 1998 to my beautiful wife, Jennifer. Together, we have two children, Sarah and Christopher, who have given me a chance to experience childhood all over again. I am truly blessed to have such a great wife and kids and thank God everyday for bringing them into my life.

Why did you start writing about Franky?

The Franky series actually started by accident. My wife is a school teacher and during the summer we try to promote reading with our kids. I thought it would be fun to try to improve their writing skills as well. We spent hours talking about what we would write if we were going to write a book together. Numerous ideas came out over dinner, at bedtime, or just riding in the car. I challenged the kids to write pieces of our story to improve their writing skills. I decided to put pen to paper (digitally) to get the kids started. As I began to write, the story just unfolded before me. Sentences became paragraphs. Paragraphs became chapters. The plot grew like a vine, wrapping the characters and events together. It is has been an amazing experience and I am truly humbled by the literary geniuses who I have read during my lifetime. I now have a much better appreciation for the talents that they possess. Writing has become a passion for me that I didn't know existed. It has been a magical experience and I truly owe my kids for their inspiration, continued support, and endless ideas about Franky.